Nobel Prize winners cheating the Nazis
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I just found very amusing story about two great physicists, James Franck (Jew german physicist) and Max von Laue (non-jew german physicist, but Hitler critic), from the university where I studied (University of Göttingen). They had to hide their Nobel prize medals at Niels Bohr’s lab in Copenhagen, for not to be confiscated by Nazis. The situation became tricky when Nazi rolled into Copenhagen in 1940, but Niels Bohr and his colleague, George de Hevesy managed to hide those medals interestingly very scientific way.

Portrait of Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, James...
Portrait of Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, James Franck and Rabi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read the whole story below to find out. :-)

Unfortunately, my university, hometown/host to 44 Nobel Laureates, had seen great exodus of mathematicians, scientists and intellectuals during Nazi period. Though few of them decided to come back from exile, including Max von Laue, who, in the end, got possession of his Nobel Prize Medal. The same story explains it how.

Source: The Nobel Winners Who Foiled the Führer - Mental Floss.