Nandan Joshi is an ardent entrepreneur with a creative spirit and a scientific mind. He is fiercely passionate about building an enduring organization based on vision, innovation and strategy. He has been DFG PhD Fellow in Astrophysics and has 3 years of founding experience with startups (as co-founding member of VoiceDrop, Zamosa and NextWorkspace). He is presently Secretary / Director of Technology of Jan Dhan Co-operative Credit Society Limited, a co-operative banking organisation and Transelektra, a renewable energy untertaking.

Short bio

Passionate entrepreneur with a pioneering spirit and a scientific mind. A firm believer in amalgamation of vision, innovation, creativity, science and strategy, to build an enduring company. Entrepreneurial ambition in the following industries, Information Technology, Finance, Imaging, Energy, and Space.

Humorous personality with energy and passion, taking strategic and focused approach towards the goal. Motivating and communicative team member/leader who empowers the fellow team members, and fosters open-minded collaboration and commitment to achieve higher creativity and productivity within a team.

entrepreneurship ● business strategy ● finances ● product design ● product development ● marketing ● team building ● leadership ● project management ● information technology ● research ● data analysis ● imaging ● public relations


  • Secretary / Director of Technology, Jan Dhan Co-operative Credit Society Limited
    Conceptualised the complete digital experience for entire banking operation to serve the customers branchless across India. Designed an IT architecture and decentralised banking business processes, which combines core banking module seamlessly with omnichannel digital delivery of all banking solutions to customers.
  • CEO, Transelektra
    Oversee the company’s core operations — including the design, engineering and execution of projects. Created quality assurance framework right from project conceptualisation through to commissioning.
  • Technical Consultant / Developer, SUMO Instruments
    Co-developed an IoT device for location-based refuelling measurements on Smart Fuel Tankers. Designed & developed prototypical cloud infrastructure for IoT communication and web app for fuel tankers’ management. Created special case OTA solution for operation of IoT device in the absence of internet connectivity.
  • Co-Founder, NextWorkspace
    Developed an entire web-centric product designed on API-based architecture. Did comprehensive market analysis. Created strategic & financial plan.
  • Co-Founder, Zamosa
    Product design and development of backend architecture and mobile app. Involved in development of core technology for recommender systems and data analytics. Did comprehensive market analysis. Devised meticulous marketing, strategic and financial plan. Cowritten a business plan.
  • Co-Founding Worker, Voicedrop
    Developed technology, which later registered for US patent. Did entire market and strategic analysis. Created marketing and financial plan. Cowritten a business plan.
  • Research Assistant, Institute for X-Ray Physics Göttingen
    Worked on research project to understand scattering by a sphere in X-Ray regime, using analytical and numerical methods. The project finds importance in material sciences and biophysics.
  • Scientific Assistant, Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach Institut für Zoologie und Anthropologie
    Developed the largest database of all species on our planet, along with interactive and collaborative web interface using Oracle SQL and JSP. Co-developed dynamic connection of the database to the ancient literature digitalization project of Göttingen State and University Library. Sponsored by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).
  • Research Assistant, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
    Research project to simulate the robotic arm equipped with virtual muscles using neural networks. The project has implications in robotics and neurological disorder research.


  • PhD Fellow, Institute for Astrophysics Göttingen
    Worked on main research project concerning stellar rotation and stellar activity of late-type stars. Performed successful astronomical observations at telescopes in Chile. Developed various custom scientific tools for data analysis.
  • Diploma Fellow, Institute for X-Ray Physics Göttingen
    A full-time research understanding the absorption and scattering by small particles in the X-ray regime with the help of the perfect classical Mie Theory, thereby comparing it with traditional methods of Kinematic Scattering employed widely for experimental analysis.


  • Animalbase
    Development of the largest database of all species existing on the planet in direct collaboration with digitalization project of Göttingen State and University Library. The Project was sponsored by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).